Most of the work that Myles does is by commission and he prides himself on trying to achieve the best outcome for all parties concerned. Firstly the client then the piece of furniture and finally the maker must be satisfied that their needs have been met.

Myles says it is the most rewarding feeling to know you have achieved all of these goals. Below is an a review of his recent commission for the Cranbrook School's Chapel in Sydney Australia.

From the initial consultation, the clients’ involvement in the design process is very important. Their needs and desires have to be met, guided and wherever possible enhanced by Myles’ expertise and honesty as a designer/craftsman.

Myles is always looking for the best outcome and like most things in life the path to this outcome may not always be the easiest or quickest.

The process for each commission no matter how different they may be to each other is essentially the same. 

There is an initial consultation where the clients’ needs and desires for the piece are established. At this point design concepts are discussed and sketches usually take place. For site specific pieces, Myles prefers to gain as much information as possible about the location and living environment for the furniture, this is often best achieved by a site visit.

The design brief is now set.

Using this brief, Myles produces a design concept and preliminary drawings to work through the specifications. He then gives an estimation of cost.

Once the design concepts are approved, Myles undertakes detailed working drawings and gives a quotation for the cost of having the piece made. At this point a 50% deposit is required to proceed.

This deposit covers the purchase of materials and secures the clients' place in the production schedule.

The making of the piece can then start. This could and usually does involve prototypes or mock-ups where further refining of the design and client input is sought. The materials are selected and a full cutting list is roughed-out. Myles likes to let the re-sawn timber sit in the workshop environment for as long as convenient to ensure that it has stabilised.

Depending on the size of the commission and duration of time needed, monthly progress reports keep the clients informed.

On completion the piece is signed and dated by Myles J. Gostelow (year of completion) and photographed for his archives.

The delivery and installation is arranged and the journey for another beautiful piece of hand crafted furniture starts. Enjoy it.

The remaining balance is also payable at this point.

With larger projects there is an option for progress payments, which can assist the maker with cash flow and ease the final balance for the client.


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