From the Artist



Myles is passionate about his craft and sometimes jokes that he should have been born in the 19th century when hand tools were King. He says it is a romantic notion to think that they made every thing better in “the good old days” because things have always been made to a budget. It’s just that the well made pieces have lasted as they are respected as true representations of a craftsman’s skill, passion, consideration and time.

Myles believes that in this day and age of consumerism and planned obsolescence people are still seeking these values.

"I would like to think that one day a piece of my work will emerge from within the hurried mess society has made of itself, and be treasured for everything that it represents. Passion, consideration and time are a few things we should all try and share more often."

Myles has a fully equipped modern workshop that has been specifically designed for the solid timber work that he undertakes. Much of the joinery and construction process used to make a piece are based on traditional hand tool skills and cabinet making. This is complemented by and enhanced with the use of modern materials, techniques and equipment where it is suitable.

Myles considers proportions, aesthetics and functionality as extremely important factors in creating a beautiful piece of timeless furniture. He views the use of beautiful Australian timbers an added bonus that we still have the pleasure of experiencing.

Myles says that all too often you see beautiful timber let down or at least fall short of its full potential by use in a piece that has been badly designed and/or made.

Recent work