Myles has always had a passion for carving timber ever since his first pocket knife as a child, where he would hone his skills carving stick figures or the perfect sling shot fork.

Myles's carvings complement his work as a furniture designer craftsman beautifully.

From decorative door panels for cabinets or boxes to sculpted handles or shaped components for chairs; the ability to visualise things in the third dimension and shape them using carving gouges is a most useful skill to have.

Beautifully shaped, hand carved, timber objects hold much more than what might first meet your eye.

They are the result of what can often be described as a beautiful struggle between the carver’s skills and artistic desires verses the timber's grain direction and character.  It’s hard to know who is leading who sometimes, a bit like the Tango it works best when you understand and connect with your partner instinctively.

Myles takes on many different types of commissions that involve carving or sculpting timber. As a craftsman, this type of work is where he feels closest to being an artist.



Recent work