Ecclesiastical and Ceremonial Furniture

There are quite a few Bishops around Australia who have had ceremonial croziers designed and hand-crafted by Myles Gostelow. Each crozier is unique and has been designed in close consultation with the Bishops to ensure that its character and symbolism is accurate to their diocese and makes the statement that they want it to.

Chapel furniture, sacred objects for the sacristy and sculptures for all denominations are just some of the many ecclesiastical pieces that Myles has been commissioned to make.

Ecclesiastical work is all about symbolism, reverence and communication.

Myles says that the carving needed for these pieces is sometimes as challenging as it is detailed and often needs to match existing work but it is always a pleasure.

Myles has also been commissioned to make ceremonial furniture like chairs, lecterns, honor boards and presentation boxes or diplomatic gifts for the private sector, corporate, and government institutions of Australia.

Pieces like the ACT Legislative Assembly mace which Myles was commissioned to carve from Yellow Box, with a floral pattern depicting the Canberra Blue Bells is one such example.



Recent work