Commissioned pieces of fine furniture are what Myles Gostelow Furniture Designer/Craftsman specialises in.  Designing and custom making pieces of fine furniture that are functional and timeless.

Myles knows and respects the true value of good craftsmanship and this is reflected in all of the decision making processes within a piece.

From the initial consultation and concept sketches, to material selection, sourcing the timber, joinery, glues and finish used, it all matters a great deal now and well into the future.

A well considered, designed and made piece of furniture will withstand the riggers of normal use and live on, to be enjoyed by generations to come.


Most of the work that Myles does is by commission and he prides himself on trying to achieve the best outcome for all parties concerned. Firstly the client then the piece of furniture and finally the maker must be satisfied that their needs have been met.

Myles says it is the most rewarding feeling to know you have achieved all of these goals. Below is an a review of his recent commission for the Cranbrook School's Chapel in Sydney Australia.

From the initial consultation, the clients’ involvement in the design process is very important. Their needs and desires have to be met, guided and wherever possible enhanced by Myles’ expertise and honesty as a designer/craftsman.

Myles is always looking for the best outcome and like most things in life the path to this outcome may not always be the easiest or quickest.

The process for each commission no matter how different they may be to each other is essentially the same. 

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Timber Machining Services

Myles Gostelow Furniture Designer/Craftsman is a business that offers a fantastic range of timber machining services at reasonable rates.

Myles understands that even the smaller jobs are important to those who would like them to be done properly.

Myles is also able to facilitate the larger commercial jobs if the timeframe is available.

Machining services include:

  • Dressing timber up to widths of 600mm on the jointer and thicknesser.
  • Spindle molder with power feed for shaping, profiling and edge joining boards.
  • Re-sawing timber or cutting veneers on the band-saw.
  • Thickness sanding up to 900mm wide.
  • Veneer press and a vacuum press with bags.

Myles is usually able to assist in some way with all other cabinet making, furniture design or timber and woodwork related enquiries.

Please respect his time as a craftsman and contact us arrange a visit to the workshop where possible.



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